AudioSerenity Polished Chrome x 8 Spike Shoes

AudioSerenity Polished Chrome x 8 Spike Shoes
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Price: £31.92
Product ID : Polished Chrome x 8


Description  Au·di·o Se·ren·i·ty - Undisturbed reproduction of sound.

The AudioSerenity ‘Hi-Fi Equipment Spike Shoes’ are a unique British design, and can be chosen from one of four separate finishes to compliment your particular Hi-Fi installation. Each set of spike shoes provide superior quality to fully integrate with each of your floor standing speakers, subwoofers, speaker stands or Hi-Fi equipment racks. The metal spike shoes will provide secure location and the required level of isolation to fully enhance your setup. They ensure only point contact is made between it and the spike itself to ensure minimal loss of sound energy. In addition, each AudioSerenity spike shoe incorporates a highly resilient rubber pad at its base to provide further isolation and ultimate protection against your specific floor type.

The spike shoes can be safely used on any flat flooring types such as marble, hard or laminate wood flooring and ceramic tiles.

Each spike shoe measures 30mm in diameter and are 8mm tall.

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Reviewed by Simon@SBS
01/07/2011 - 18:57:32
Great products
Great products, beautifully boxed and presented. I have bought quite a few spike sets now, and will be back for some granite isolation plinths
when my new B&W 803 Diamond speakers arrive next month. Highly recommended, faultless service and excellent products, what more do want or need!